Thursday, March 26, 2009

jr had to go through a couple of unexpected surgeries yesterday.He still has the bone flap removed. So his body was creating more brain fluid then usual.And for that reason a shunt had to be inserted. (small tube from the brain to his tummy) To drain and control some of the fluids.He also had a little bit of a problem a few days ago.When they tried to remove his trach .A little piece of skin had started to grow around the trach area on the inside.which delayed the removal surgeries both went fine.and were back on track

Monday, March 16, 2009


My sons making progress as the days go by today he held his head up by himself for about 15 seconds to others not much but compare to the condition of him when we got here six weeks ago thats a big change he's got movement in his arms and legs he's still not real responsive but he's getting there he's already proved all the doctors wrong (thats my boy) they said he would never wake up or breathe on his own ever again and that it was in his best intrest for me to withdraw support (knuckle heads) look at him now he's awake and breathing on his own he's doing everything you said he wouldn't silverman

Daniel's Daddy

Friday, February 27, 2009


today was a big day for JR he started out his day with some physical therapy and then moved on to ocupational therapy and then some speech therapy he was in the middle of his second dose of physical therapy for the day when we got the call we had been waiting for for the past few days they told us they had a room waiting for him on the 6th floor finally out of the ICU and in to the therapy/rehab section of the hospital he done very good i think he's gonna be alright once again i want to take the time to thank everyone for all the support the prayers the letters and the phone calls there is so much people that i owe thanks to so this goes out to family, schools,teachers,friends,and to the entire community ...with all the love and respect we have to offer....THANK YOU check back every couple of days for the latest on my son :)